Hi, I’m Pierre. We don’t know each other, but if you are browsing through this site I’m sure we would enjoy each other’s company.

You see, I’m new to photography and to writing. In recent months I’ve started feeling the urge to share what I see happening around me, and I feel that I have the perfect opportunity to do this today: My wife and I have been backpacking through Africa, South East Asia, China and Mongolia for the last 7 months since January 2019.

This trip was about hitting the reset button of our lives by discovering countries, people and cultures unknown to us. So, we were out and about to learn and grow as individuals. But it was also an opportunity to witness firsthand the impact of our species on all others and on our global environment. Only recently have we begun to realise all the rights and wrongs we are doing as a species, and with our growing interest in such matters comes our increased need to share what we see.

My objective with this website is to share my observations and discoveries, through photography and writing, on every experience, be it positive or negative, that gets my adrenaline running. I will try to write long form in order to provide not only the facts, but context as well.


On format:

It has been difficult to decide which format to adopt for delivering these stories to you. Travelling the world has been a reality check as to how our species is directly impacting its environment; namely, the Anthropocene, the “Age of man”.

My hope is to present these stories to you in a format that is enjoyable, but also to put forward actions for change that we can all take at an individual level. And what worth are my words and photographs without proper backup? All stories are complemented with secondary research to support the reported facts, and set the stories in a broader context.
Because of the complexity of the issues and of the behaviours involved, I have decided to follow a short series format, rather than a long article format. Each series relates to an overarching topic, and each “episode” in this series explores an aspect of that topic. Each episode follows the same format:


  1. What I have observed
  2. The bigger picture (with research)
  3. Actions you can take

Because of the format and my personal preference for storytelling, each series will have 5 main episodes + 1 conclusion episode. Think of it as a Netflix series, but in a short-article format.


I hope this project will raise your interest, and that it will inspire you to take action. To lighten up the mood a little, I’ll share my favourite photos at random as well (on “Monte Carlo” page).

In nothing that I write will I try to provoke or shock, only relate the facts. I do not aim to persuade anybody, only to inform and suggest potential solutions that I became aware of during this trip. I hope you will enjoy what I write here and that some of it will make you want to do something, even at a small scale. Our species operates as a hive, yet we hardly take individual responsibility in making it better, limiting ourselves to likes and shares on social media. But in a hive , every small individual action counts and eventually builds up into a drastic, sweeping transformation. I know that we can do better, all of us, together.

Happy browsing,